crow in the mistmurphy's Growing Haibanet

This is a collection of works related to the anime series Haibane Renmei.

Things I'm hosting

The Very First Haibane
archangel's popular webcomic.
HaibaneWiki Project Test Website
Test wiki for the wiki project I started.
5 Years of Haibane Renmei Calendar
An iCal calendar for the OHBB cinquennial celebration viewings.

Stuff I created

Haibane phpBB theme (in progress; see the Thread)
phpBB smileys with halos
Spin-off from the HaibaneBB project (also packaged as ZIP)
Just Add Speech Bubbles
A comic strip series I recently started. Not sure where this will end.
Laughing Haibane
HR/GitS tribute
crow avatar
Alternative avatar that I'm not using, because it's too blue for Old Home.